Request Copies

We are happy to make physical or digital copies of unrestricted print and audiovisual materials. Request copies at the desk or online using the form below.


Some types of copies and uses may incur fees. You can pay with cash (in-person at the information desk) or check (in-person or by mail).

Books, manuscript material, vertical files, and photographs

  • Reference scans (lo-res, on the photocopier): 20 cents per page for all items
  • Publishable scans: $5 for MSU affiliates / $10 for others, per image, for all items
  • Self-taken photographs: Free
  • Prints of photos: Special Collections is not able to provide prints. Please contact the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center or any other photo-printing service of your choice


  • Staff-made digital or paper copies: 35 cents per page
  • Self-made paper copies: 20 cents per page
  • Self-made digital copies: free

Architectural drawings

  • Paper copies:
  • Digital copies:
    • $10 per image for MSU affiliates $15 per image for others

Processing fees

All copy orders completed by staff include a processing fee.

  • Up to 10 pages: $2.50
  • 11-100 pages: $5
  • 100-200 pages: $10
  • 200+ pages: $20