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Directors & Editorial Board

Office Staff

  • John F. Marszalek, Executive Director
  • Michael B. Ballard, Associate Editor
  • Aaron Crawford, Assistant Editor
  • Ryan Semmes, Assistant Archivist
  • Rebecca Houston, Senior Library Associate

Grant Association Officers

  • Frank J. Williams, President
  • Sheldon S. Cohen, Vice President
  • James A. Bultema, Treasurer
  • Harriet F. Simon, Secretary


  • James A. Bultema
  • Josiah Bunting, III
  • Sheldon S. Cohen
  • Frances N. Coleman
  • Michael J. Devine
  • Ulysses Grant Dietz
  • John G. Griffiths
  • Harold Holzer
  • Lewis Lehrman
  • John F. Marszalek
  • Edna Greene Medford
  • Harriet F. Simon
  • Louise Taper
  • Claire Ruestow Telecki
  • Frank J. Williams

Editorial Board

  • Roger D. Bridges
  • Richard N. Current
  • William C. (Jack) Davis
  • Harold M. Hyman
  • Mark E. Neely, Jr.
  • Jean Edward Smith