In-House Guidelines

Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library
Regulations for Use and Research

Permission to use materials in the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library collection is granted to all qualified researchers who have completed a researcher registration form and provided a photo ID. On all subsequent visits, all patrons must show ID and sign the Library Visitors register.

Access to collections is limited to materials that are open for public and research use. Please check with a Library staff member for information on specific collections. All materials open for public use can only be viewed in the Library reading room.

Researchers may use pencils and paper or a computer for taking notes and under NO circumstances are pens or any other writing tools except for pencils allowed in the research room. If you do not have a pencil with you one will be provided to you. Recording devices may also be used, provided that such use does not disturb other researches and provided that suitable space is available.

All food (including gum chewing) or drinks or tobacco of any kind is prohibited in the Library. Also, the use of cellular phones is prohibited inside the Library reading room.

All bags, books, coats, or other personal property except the above listed materials necessary for research should be placed in a self-service locker provided. Please be advised all personal belongings taken out of the Library reading room can be subject to being checked prior to the researcher's departure.

Researchers may request materials by completing a call slip and submitting it to a Library staff member, all materials will be pulled by a Library staff member.

The researcher accepts responsibility for careful handling of all materials as follows:

  • Materials must not be written on, altered, leaned on, folded anew, traced, or weighted.
  • Remove only one folder at a time from the box in use and use the "OUT" card provided for marking the place of the removed folder.
  • Gloves will be issued to patrons handling photographs or other fragile materials.
  • Any disarrangement, missing, or damaged materials should be reported immediately.

All photocopying must be done by Library staff and decisions about photocopying will be made on a case-by-case basis. The Library staff member will provide flags and clips for marking materials to be copied and will give instructions appropriate for the collection in use.

The researcher should be aware that copyright regulations apply to all materials held in the Library collections. These regulations are spelled out in Title 17, United State Code, which deals with copyright law. THE RESEARCHER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONFORMING TO THE LAWS OF COPYRIGHT.

CITATION: In citing materials from archival collections located in the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library, the following form should be used: Identification of the item, title of the collection/Series, Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library, Mitchell Memorial Library, Mississippi State University.

Whenever possible, researchers should also cite the original location of materials collected from other repositories.